In Our Own Voices: Two-Spirit People Responding to Covid-19 – 5th Installment

The #Two-Spirit Journal is excited to share the fifth installment in a series where Two-Spirit people across this land personal share their personal observations and reflections of the current Covid-19 pandemic. In this installment, you’ll be hearing from Jessy Dame, a brave and courageous Two-Spirit working on the frontlines in the fight against the Covid-19 …Continue Reading

In Our Own Voices: Two-Spirit People Responding to Covid-19 – 4th Installment for TDOV

Today, March 31, is International Transgender Day of Visibility (#TDOV) an annual event dedicated to celebrating the lived and experiential reality of our trans and gender fluid relatives – a celebration of all our trans and gender fluid relatives gifts, medicines and contributions making our world and society a better place to live. The day …Continue Reading

COVID-19 and Persons with HIV (Interim Guidance for Americans)

Last Updated: March 20, 2020; Last Reviewed: March 20, 2020 (United States Residents) According to AIDSinfo, below are recently released interim guidance reviews and special considerations for persons with HIV and their health care providers in the United States regarding COVID-19. Information and data on COVID-19 are rapidly evolving. This guidance includes general information to …Continue Reading

SFO Museum Debuts New Two-Spirit Films

(San Francisco, CA) The SFO Museum, conveniently located at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is screening two new #Two-Spirit films throughout November. November is Native American Heritage Month and Transgender Awareness Month, so the museum is showing “Mino Bimaadiziwin” by filmmaker Shane McSauby, a citizen of the Gichi Wiikwedong Odawa Anishinaabek. This film is about a trans youth who …Continue Reading

Reducing Stigma for Two-Spirit People in Healthcare Settings

(Portland, Or) Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) announces the release of “There’s Heart Here”, a short documentary that follows Two Spirit and LGBTQ individuals as they journey toward self-acceptance, supportive healthcare, and communities that celebrate them. “The film was initially conceived as a way of addressing and decreasing stigma surrounding Two-Spirit and LGBTQ …Continue Reading

Reflections, Centering and Working for Wellness for Two-Spirit Women

(Washington, DC) March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day! The #Two-Spirit Journal acknowledges this day with this special article written by Jen Deerinwater and is offered as a showcase of our ongoing commitment to women’s equity, to raise awareness of women’s collective experiences and lived realities, and to help move the conversation for a more …Continue Reading

Two-Spirit Blanket Ceremony

(Seattle, WA) Since 2008, Eighth Generation, the first Native-owned and run company to ever produce wool blankets with a flagship retail store in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market, teamed up with #Two-Spirit community member and artist Ryan Young to create a wool blanket prominently featuring a Two-Spirit inspired motif. Ryan Young is a proud member of the …Continue Reading

Two-Spirit Resources

Below are three resources for those wanting more information on what is and who is #Two-Spirit: The first resource is a story first reported here about a release of the resource of and for our Two-Spirit women: Two-Spirit Resource of and for Two-Spirit Women CLICK HERE to download a copy of the 2SJ’s Two-Spirit Resource …Continue Reading